Buy Make It Rain on Itunes!

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Make it rain is currently #50 on urban billboard charts! After debuting at #97, it has been steadily climbing the charts! Help Travis Porter get to number one by calling your local radio station and requesting Make It Rain! Also, this single is available on itunes:


#DifferenterGang Mixtape

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Word on the web is the Differenter Gang Mixtape will be Travis Porter’s next released project. Differenter Gang consists of Travis Porter, Machine Gun Kelly, and FKi. Although they just released their “I Am Travis Porter” mixtape, the anticipation for this project is already growing. FKi is a two-man group also from Atlanta, consisting of Raye Rich and First. If you haven’t heard their “Redcup” single, watch the video below. It’s a classic party anthem! FKi also produced four songs on the “I Am Travis Porter” mixtape. Machine Gun Kelly was featured on the “I Am Travis Porter” mixtape on a track called “Where My Money” which is one of the songs produced by FKi. He is a Cleveland based rapper known for quick punchlines and his rapid rhymes, hence the name. Collectively, Travis Porter, FKi, and Machine Gun Kelly have the talent and drive to create hit tracks. Cant wait to hear what they cook up on this mixtape! I salute the #DifferenterGang bang. bang.

Photo from the Differenter Gang Mixtape photoshoot.

On Travis Porter’s “Proud To Be A Problem” mixtape, the song “Mighty Mighty” told a story of where the group started and where they are now. The video was released last night at 11pm. Directed by BANK, it is the perfect depiction of their journey so far. Loyal Travis Porter fans who remember where they first began can appreciate the visual the video gives. If you are familiar with the beginning moments of the group, from youtube videos to music videos today, you can see for yourself everything that song and video represents. Travis Porter has come a long way- but the best is yet to come!

This is one of the most popular songs on Travis Porter’s “I Am Travis Porter” mixtape. Definitely a club banger, this one is for the ladies who like to dance. Travis Porter has asked fans to record videos of them dancing to this track, and upload them to youtube. They will be featuring the videos on their official website:

The newest Travis Porter release is a mixtape hosted by DJ Spinz and Dj Pretty Boy Tank entitled “I Am Travis Porter.” The mixtape will be available after 7pm today on livemixtapes. Here’s the link:

Make It Rain

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Travis Porter just keeps club bangers coming! Their newest single, “Make It Rain” is bound to be a strip club anthem. Produced by FKi, the track has a catchy, repetitive hook and the verses are laced with unforgettable punch lines. For example, “broke niggas make me sick: throw up.” Hands down, the hardest line of the song. Released about two weeks ago, it has been viewed on youtube over 50k times. Travis Porter has filmed the official music video at Club Opera in their hometown Atlanta, GA but a release date has not been set. Listen to “Make It Rain” below!

Just a couple days ago, sources revealed that today’s date would be the release date for “FeetBall.” After such a short period of time, the anticipation surrounding this video has grown immensely. As if the buzz wasn’t great from the start, the group used images from the video shoot as their icon and background on their official twitter page to excite fans even more. They are currently being featured as the websites background as well. Here is what the fans have been waiting for: Travis Porter- Feetball. Feel free to comment and leave your opinion!

*Also, make note of the fact that just a few minutes after the video was released, Travis Porter’s Official Website began having technical difficulties due to the heavy traffic. Even Travyyy fans are proud to be a problem!

The “Differenter” originators have so much going on right now, it’s hard to keep up with them. They are still being featured on MTV Jams and nominated for MTV’s breakthrough MC (continue voting, the link is in a previous article). On top of that, this week the video for “Jump the Line” Jody Breeze featuring  Travis Porter was released, and can be viewed on the Music Videos page above. Tomorrow July 8th, they will release the “Feet Ball” video, shortly followed by the “Mighty Mighty” featuring F.L.Y. video, to be released sometime next week.

As a result of MTV’s Fab 5, Travis Porter will air on MTV Jams for a whole week, which for them started yesterday. They are the first of the five chosen to be featured for this summer. Be sure to tune in daily! It’s only the beginning of the week and their buzz on twitter as a result of being on MTV Jams has grown. People who never heard of them are saying what they saw, and those who have are giving them due credit for what they are accomplishing as an independent group. Huge coincidence that an independent group started their week on Independence Day, but it fits for the occasion. One thing about Travis Porter: they are consistent. If you’ve seen their videos, or watched them on ustream, or even the MTV Mixtape Daily video, seeing them on Fab 5 isn’t much different. They show their personalities, and stay true to who they are. This is only the beginning of the Porter House Music Group movement. This group will have a lot of success in their future, they’re making history as we speak. Let’s celebrate Quez, Strap, and Ali’s accomplishments by giving them continued support! As they say, the whole world will be screaming “Travyyy!”

Vote for Travis Porter!

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Travis Porter has received a lot of love and recognition from MTV recently. They were featured on Mixtape Daily for Proud To Be A Problem. If you missed it, here’s the link. (  ) The group was also announced as part of this years Fab5, which there is already an article about below. Now Travis Porter and their fans, the Differenter Gang, are on a new mission: to get the group named MTV’s breakthrough MC. The five artists with the most votes will be revealed on July 19th. Polls are open until midnight on July 16th. That leaves plenty of time still, so vote daily! Support the independent Porter House Music Group movement!