Watch Travis Porter on MTV Jams!

Posted: July 5, 2010 in Uncategorized

As a result of MTV’s Fab 5, Travis Porter will air on MTV Jams for a whole week, which for them started yesterday. They are the first of the five chosen to be featured for this summer. Be sure to tune in daily! It’s only the beginning of the week and their buzz on twitter as a result of being on MTV Jams has grown. People who never heard of them are saying what they saw, and those who have are giving them due credit for what they are accomplishing as an independent group. Huge coincidence that an independent group started their week on Independence Day, but it fits for the occasion. One thing about Travis Porter: they are consistent. If you’ve seen their videos, or watched them on ustream, or even the MTV Mixtape Daily video, seeing them on Fab 5 isn’t much different. They show their personalities, and stay true to who they are. This is only the beginning of the Porter House Music Group movement. This group will have a lot of success in their future, they’re making history as we speak. Let’s celebrate Quez, Strap, and Ali’s accomplishments by giving them continued support! As they say, the whole world will be screaming “Travyyy!”

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