#DifferenterGang Mixtape

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Word on the web is the Differenter Gang Mixtape will be Travis Porter’s next released project. Differenter Gang consists of Travis Porter, Machine Gun Kelly, and FKi. Although they just released their “I Am Travis Porter” mixtape, the anticipation for this project is already growing. FKi is a two-man group also from Atlanta, consisting of Raye Rich and First. If you haven’t heard their “Redcup” single, watch the video below. It’s a classic party anthem! FKi also produced four songs on the “I Am Travis Porter” mixtape. Machine Gun Kelly was featured on the “I Am Travis Porter” mixtape on a track called “Where My Money” which is one of the songs produced by FKi. He is a Cleveland based rapper known for quick punchlines and his rapid rhymes, hence the name. Collectively, Travis Porter, FKi, and Machine Gun Kelly have the talent and drive to create hit tracks. Cant wait to hear what they cook up on this mixtape! I salute the #DifferenterGang bang. bang.

Photo from the Differenter Gang Mixtape photoshoot.


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