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The “Differenter” originators have so much going on right now, it’s hard to keep up with them. They are still being featured on MTV Jams and nominated for MTV’s breakthrough MC (continue voting, the link is in a previous article). On top of that, this week the video for “Jump the Line” Jody Breeze featuring  Travis Porter was released, and can be viewed on the Music Videos page above. Tomorrow July 8th, they will release the “Feet Ball” video, shortly followed by the “Mighty Mighty” featuring F.L.Y. video, to be released sometime next week.


Last week, the internet world had the pleasure of hearing a new track featuring Travis Porter. The song, by FKi is called Koo Koo and the name suits it well. Ali, Strap, and Quez lyricism on this song is unlike most of their hits. Each verse was more upbeat than what Travyyy is known for. However, this was a great collaboration. Listen to the song here, and feel free to leave comments to share your opinion!

         *FKi is a two man group consisting of Raye Rich and First, both natives of Atlanta. Follow them on twitter.  @fkimusic

Travis Porter will be releasing their next mixtape on July 4th, 2010. Although they have yet to disclose a title for the project, its release is highly anticipated by loyal Travis Porter supporters. Their last mixtape hosted by DJ Teknikz, “Proud To Be A Problem” released in May, is still in heavy rotation. It was also accompanied by a 30 minute movie (which can be viewed here! click on “who is travis porter” at the top of the page!) that allowed fans to see where the group came from. The upcoming tape, hosted by DJ PrettyBoyTank and DJ Spinz should be just as successful since their momentum has not slowed down. The question is, do you think Travis Porter can top what they’ve done with Proud To Be A Problem on the upcoming mixtape? Take the poll & let me know!


                                                                                                                                                                                               July 7th, 2010

Travis Porter did not release a mixtape on july fourth. However, their management has said they will be releasing their next project soon. A release date and title have yet to be announced, but as soon as that information is made available, it will be posted.

Strap during the video shoot

Last week, Travis Porter announced on twitter that they filmed the video for “FeetBall” off of their Proud To Be A Problem mixtape. It has yet to be released, however, today the group is shooting two more videos off the mixtape: “Mighty Mighty” and “Jump the Line.” They keep this up and pretty soon, there will be a video for every song on that mixtape! One thing no one can deny is Travis Porter’s work ethic. They are dedicated to their music, and their fans. They’re consistent. And the fans cant get enough. Keep checking back for updates, the videos will be posted under the music videos section, as soon as they’re released!

Birthday Bash 15

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Travis Porter during their performance.

On Saturday, June 19th, Travis Porter performed at an event known as “Birthday Bash” in their hometown Atlanta, GA. The buzz is that they were the livest, most interactive performance of the night. Event goers and fans from Atlanta have said that at this time last year, Travis Porter was on “the outside looking in” when it came to performing at Birthday Bash. This was an achievement for the group, and for any unsigned artist. As Travyyy (as we affectionately call them) makes their wasy to the top independently, they are making history, and opening doors for future up-and-coming artists.

Earlier today, via twitter, MTV Jams  announced the artists chosen for this year’s Fab 5. Travis Porter, along with Currensy, Dondria, Wiz Khalifa, and Waka Flocka.  We thank MTV Jams for allowing Travis Porter to be a part of this and for the opportunity for them to show their viewers how talented and dedicated to their music they are. This is a great accomplishment for an independent group. Can’t wait to see Strap, Quez, and Ali on air!

MTV’s Fab 5!

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Urgent!!! help Travis Porter get on MTV’s fab 5.. Go Sign Our Petition!!!  They need 10,000 signatures on this petition, and at the time of this publication they have a little under 1400. Here’s a hint: you can sign using your twitter or facebook accounts, and also using your real name and other information. Support Travyyy’s independent movement! Also mention @MTVJams on twitter and let them know you want Travis Porter to be on this years Fab 5. If chosen, they will get a week dedicated them. They will have the opportunity to tell MTV viewers their likes and dislikes, such as artists, clothing, video’s, etc. This would be a great chance for Strap, Ali, and Quez to show the world who they are collectively: Travis Porter.

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